what we plant today will grow tomorrow 
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About Us

One day I was in the kitchen cooking lasagna and our VERY picky three-year-old asked if she could help. I said of course and we had a wonderful time making it - which was jam packed with spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and yes lots and lots of cheese. The latter being the only thing she would eat willingly... We put the lasagna in the oven and she kept asking me when it would be done. When the timer went 'ding' she was ready at the table with her plate - and 'ding' it all started to make sense... Involving kids in this healthy meal business was the key to wetting their appetite to try healthier fare. That was the start of good seeds™ - although we didn't realize it quite yet.

One year later we learned of the USDA's updated dietary guidelines, www.choosemyplate.gov. We were pleased with the simplicity of it and how it would be one more way to get our girls involved in planning their well-balanced and healthy meals with us. That's when we brought it full circle: our family's love of gardening and cooking in conjunction with dinnerware that mapped back to this simple healthy balance.

With childhood hypertension, diabetes and obesity at an all time high, the world needs companies that have children's health at their inner heart. At good seeds™, we are committed to developing products that help children establish nutritious eating habits while also making meal time an opportunity for families to connect and have fun together!

What we plant today will grow tomorrow!



Our Products

We wanted to develop a dinnerware line that was free of BPA, melamine and phthalates... We decided to make the dinnerware from something that was entirely plastic free. After exploring several materials, we decided the best option was Enamelware. Enamelware was first used in pottery and jewelry by the ancient Egyptians and Romans. In the 19th century enameling began to be used in cookware and then, in the 20th century, in dinnerware. Modern day enamelware is a high quality material that can be used on any rack of the dishwasher and won't shatter* if your child drops (or pushes) it off of the table. 

Enamel dinnerware is superior to typical tin or plastic plates. We use a heavy high grade of carbon steel which is first coated with a primer and then bathed in porcelain enamel frits. It is then oven fired at between 1500 and 1800 degrees. This process creates a hard finish on top of the steel that is not only decorative but perfectly adapted for food service; the dinnerware is chip, crack and rust resistant.  In contrast, typical tin plates are made from a low grade steel which is coated with powdered paint and baked at about 400. This type of product is inexpensive but is not meant for food use. Many plastic plates use melamine which we don't think is the best choice for our children.

Being parents with two small children, the health of our children, and yours, is paramount. All of the good seeds dinnerware is independently tested in the U.S.A. and has successfully passed FDA compliance testing before production is started.

* While the good seeds dinnerware will not shatter like porcelain or glass, leaving you a mess to clean up - it can chip with misuse. Rest assured though, a chip in an enameled plate or cup will not affect the usefulness of the item.


All of the good seeds apparel is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. The fabric for the good seeds bibs and smocks is laminated at one of the only facilities in the U.S.A. that provides CPSIA approved laminated film. The lamination material is CPSIA compliant and free of phthalates.

Gardening Kits

Our earth friendly growing kits feature biodegradable pots, plant markers and germination bags. Our seed packets use recycled paper. Our t-shirts are made by bella - an earth conscious company. 


Our hang tags, boxes, packing materials, etc are manufactured with the health of our earth in mind. We only use recycled materials. 


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